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The Fort Myers Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, PA., has extensive experience and background in the law involving guardianship in the State of Florida. Along with great advances in medicine comes a greater life expectancy for our population. Unequivocally,  the demographics show that  we are living longer than  previous generations and as a direct result, and most unfortunately, Alzheimer’s, dementia, aphasia and other progressive cognitive diseases associated with the aging process are more common in today’s world than ever before. Accordingly, the need and role of garnishment proceedings has likewise been expanded.

Our office has represented the various parties involved in a guardianship proceeding. In the typical guardianship proceeding there will be a Petitioner, Ward, Guardian as well as other interested parties. We have represented the party who wish to bring & establish the guardianship action (Petitioner) who may be a loved one or other interested party that believes the individual is mentally incapacitated or incompetent to some degree (Ward) and needs another individual to be appointed (Guardian) for the purpose of  protecting his/her assets as well as making medical decisions, business decisions, etc. Likewise, our office has represented and advised numerous Wards as to their rights and entitlements to due process under the law of guardianship. We also have experience  in representing  Guardians and advising them as to their legal responsibilities to the Ward and corresponding rights pursuant to guardianship law. Tantamount to any guardianship proceeding is the identification & protection of the best interest of the Ward. At the Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, PA, all guardianship matters are handled with this maxim at the forefront and we make sure that the dignity and respect of the Ward is at all times honored and never compromised.