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Experienced Elder Lawyer  Fights for Vulnerable Clients Who Are Victims Of Elder Abuse Or Exploitation

Experienced Florida Elder Abuse And Exploitation  law office

As the population demographics have clearly demonstrated over the last two decades  people are living longer lives and  as a natural and expected result, more people are becoming vulnerable adults due to disabilities and infirmities as a result of the more protracted aging process. More particularly,  Alzheimer’s, dementia and other progressive cognitive diseases are more prevalent and again, as a natural and anticipated consequence, the reported incidences and cases of Elder Abuse and Exploitation have steadily risen over the past 15-20 years.

Under Florida law,  individuals 18 years, or older, who suffer from mental disabilities, developmental disabilities as well as these infirmities of age are deemed to be  “vulnerable individuals” and merit certain legal protections and rights not afforded to other individuals not afflicted with such challenges.  Elder Abuse & Exploitation can take place in many different circumstances and have many different factual patterns behind such egregious conduct. It can be in a nursing home where physical and/or emotional abuse takes place or it can be a caregiver who violates the terms of a power of attorney and misappropriates funds and resources from the vulnerable adult. While not as common, It can take the form of sexual abuse and/or exploitation of the vulnerable adult by a family member, outside caregiver or other third-party. The Fort Myers Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, PA, has a solid background and meaningful experience in assessing, investigating, and litigating, if necessary various cases and incidences of elder abuse and exploitation. Our office also has a long-standing & working relationship with Adult Protective Services (APS) which is the investigatory agency within the State of Florida for such cases.


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