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At the Fort Myers Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A., we put our many years of experience and knowledge to good use by assisting our clients when a testate or intestate probate proceeding becomes necessary.  We also advise and counsel clients when a trust administration may be necessary. To this end, our office prepares the necessary documentation to marshal & inventory the assets of the estate, ascertain and satisfy valid creditors claims and ultimately to distribute assets in accordance with the decedent’s wishes as expressed in a last will and testament and/or trust created by the decedent.


Comprehensive assistance from filing to the final distribution of assets

The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A., provides comprehensive legal support throughout the entire probate procedure, including vital steps such as:

  • Filing the will and gathering assets — If you have been appointed as a will’s executor, we can start the process by filing the will or Petition for Summary Administration, depending on the size of the estate. Because all assets will need to be brought into the estate, we have the ability to locate and secure items that might have been forgotten or overlooked.
  • Managing the estate’s administration — Detailed communication and strict attention to financial and legal requirements are necessary to effective estate administration. We will help prepare all necessary notifications and payments on the estate’s behalf.
  • Distribution of property to heirs — Once assets have been gathered and debts have been settled, we will act as quickly as possible to coordinate the distribution of assets according to the instructions left by the decedent.
  • Trustworthy advice on federal and Florida tax obligations.
  • Strong legal support for will contests.
  • Contact a Fort Myers Probate Law Office for a Initial Consultation
  • The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A. represents Floridians seeking legal advice and assistance with probate litigation and administration in addition to other legal matters. Please call 239-215-3447 or contact us online for a initial consultation at my Fort Myers office.
  • If you believe that the terms of a will do not reflect the testator’s authentic wishes or if you are the executor of a will that is being challenged, we will help you seek a proper resolution under Florida law. The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A. is familiar with the evidence required to demonstrate lack of capacity or undue influence. Whether you are defending or contesting the terms of the document, we can give you a knowledgeable evaluation of how the process might go and your likelihood of success. Probate disputes can be bitter, complex conflicts that come at an already trying time. An experienced legal counselor is essential to protecting your rights and well-being.
  • Even after someone dies, property taxes and other financial obligations must be paid. While the decedent’s estate is being probated, it can be easy to overlook these matters, especially during a highly emotional time. At the Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, we know what obligations must be met and will ensure that the estate property is not threatened due to nonpayment. If issues relating to estate or inheritance tax come into play, we can show you how to satisfy legal requirements and protect assets.
  • Though the process can be complicated, the Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A. can outline each step for you in a initial consultation.