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  • The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A.
  • The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A.
  • The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A.
  • The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A.

Experienced, Ethical and Skillful Fort Myers Attorneys Assist Individual Clients in the Areas of  Construction Litigation, General Business Law, Elder Law,  Wills, Trusts, Advanced Planning Directives, Probate and Trust Administration, Guardianship Law and Elder Abuse with the Sole Mission of Bringing about Meaningful Results Utilizing Cost-Effective Methods and Protocols.


With a proven track record of 33+ years as a trusted legal counselor and advocate, Mark A. Horowitz stands ready to assist you, and your loved ones, in successfully resolving the important legal issues and concerns that increasing numbers of senior citizens are experiencing. At the Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, PA, you will sit down with an attorney  in the very 1st meeting, in a initial conference, where you’ll be asked to produce your documents and to calmly lay out the facts, objectives, intentions as well as your concerns so as to provide us with the proper understanding at the initial conference to determine what course or plan of action  would be in your best interest and possibly the best interest of your family. At that time,  we will provide you with meaningful alternatives to properly address your concerns and fully educate you as to the course of action you should pursue in addressing the legal issue before  you. Our mission is to provide empathetic listening in a comfortable, nonjudgmental setting so that the appropriate and necessary information can be obtained by Mr. Horowitz, and in some cases his assistant, in determining the proper and most cost-effective course of action  as to a legal issue you, or your family, may be facing.

While our basic philosophy as to the practice of law over the past 33 years and some 10,000 different types of matters may have changed with the times, our  objective and mission in assisting  individuals and clients has never been more steadfast and committed to. Whether it be the preparation of a will & trust, or the evaluation of a matter involving probate litigation, such as a will contest, personalized service with easy access to the attorneys is the rule rather than the exception at the Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A. While  we may allow our staff  to assist in certain cases where there can be cost savings with regard to certain non-critical tasks, we take the time in every case to personally learn all of the pertinent  factual details and to identify the nature and subtle nuances of the legal issues in the case, and ultimately educate ourselves such that we are able to render clear, concise advice and counsel to our clients. We too are consumers of professional services, and it is vitally important to each and every one of us at the Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A., to be able to set forth an understandable plan or course of action with cost savings being realized when possible without sacrifice of quality. From there, hopefully, you will be empowered such that you will be able to make a fully informed decision such that you  wish to engage our firm to take on the matter, seek a 2nd opinion from an independent law firm or choose not to do anything further and/or handle the matter yourself. These are all your choices. People rely on our firm for many reasons, including our:

  • Strong recommendations — Peers and clients have praised our legal ability and determination to obtain the best results possible. The reputation  any professional maintains in his geographic locale with both the public and his or her professional peers speaks volumes as to the predictability of future performance and outcomes with that professional. Mr. Horowitz has been a proud member in good standing with the Florida bar since July 7, 1983 and has no reported incidences of discipline or any sort of in appropriate professional conduct during that period of time.
  • Mr. Horowitz has also previously held other professional licenses within the State of Florida such as a Continuing Education Provider for The Construction Industry Licensing Board with no reported incidences of discipline or unprofessional conduct during the tenure of such licensure.
  • Mr. Horowitz has enjoyed a Martindale Hubbell Peer Endorsement As a Distinguished Practitioner Endorsed by His Peers for High Professional Achievement And High Ethical Standards for many years.
  • Mr. Horowitz  has maintained a peer endorsement with AVVO Legal Peer Review maintaining a rating of 8.0 out of 10 which is considered excellent to preeminent.
  • Mr. Horowitz has maintained a client endorsement with AVVO Legal Client Review maintaining a rating of  8.0 out of 10 which is considered excellent to preeminent.
  • Responsive advice — The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz always answers questions promptly and in a comprehensible manner that allows you to make informed decisions. It is the policy of this office to return calls within 24 hours and the personal cell phone number of Mr. Horowitz is provided to each and every client to provide more accessibility.
  • Commitment to making a difference — Since a large part of our practice involves dealing with mature and senior individuals, we have made an  unwavering commitment to make sure that those who are in need of legal assistance due to advanced age or, whom may be vulnerable adults because of the unfortunate infirmities of age and/or illness, will  receive the best possible shot at justice and fairness that they can receive within the confines of the judicial system. As lifetime Fort Myers residents, we take special pride in helping both natives and newcomers to succeed in our community.

If you are unsure that a legal solution exists to your problem, we provide a initial consultation to help you better understand your options.

Ethical Representation and Affordable Advice from a Seasoned Lifelong Fort Myers Attorney.

The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz advises clients in several legal practice areas, including:

  • Elder Law-As the population demographics have clearly shown a maturing and aging population over the past two decades , The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz is prepared to advise and counsel clients as to the various unique issues faced by an aging and maturing population We represent executors, estates and potential beneficiaries in all types of probate litigation.
  • Wills and Trusts- The Law Office of Mark A Horowitz has a vast array of experience in preparing and documenting clients’ intentions regarding the disposition of their assets and property upon their demise and in accordance with their wishes and intentions.
  • Probate and Trust Administration-Our office counsels and advises clients on the process of administering an estate or trust and properly disposing of the assets and/or estate of the decedent in accordance with the exact terms and intentions of the documentation whether it be by a will, trust or some combination of the two.
  • Guardianship Law-Mr. Horowitz has a unique vantage point after having practiced guardianship law for well over 12 years in the probate courts throughout Southwest Florida. He is familiar with representation of the various parties in a guardianship matter, the procedural requirements of a guardianship  as well as  the rights and responsibilities of all parties that are involved in a guardianship proceeding.
  • Elder Abuse-The Law Office of Mark A Horowitz is especially proud to advise that they are at the forefront of keeping abreast of the emerging body of law involving physical, emotional and/or financial exploitation and abuse of vulnerable adult individuals as defined by Chapter 415 of the Florida Statutes.
  • Gen. Business Law-Mr. Horowitz, over his 33+ years of practice, has developed a keen sense for business law and has developed a good reputation for having sound business judgment when it comes to matters of general business law such as creditors rights, construction & building claims and other general type of business and contract disputes.

No matter what type of assistance you need, you will find a strong advocate for your legal rights when you retain our services.

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The Law Office of Mark A. Horowitz, P.A. represents Florida clients seeking legal advice on business, corporate and probate matters. Please call 239-215-3447 or contact us online for a initial consultation at my Fort Myers office.